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Behold: The Birth Of A New Shopping Holiday!

prime day

They’re calling it Prime Day, and it’s created by our Amazon overlords. I’m unclear why they chose today — July 15 — as the date for this new day o’ deals. But I suspect it’s because there’s a long dry spell during the summer months, when there are no big shopping holidays. Dunno. In any case, it looks like there are some crazy deals going on, and new ones being added all the time. When I logged on a few minutes ago the site was bogging down and acting a little 1998. So, apparently they’re getting the traffic they wanted. Check it out, if you’re so inclined. I have my eye on┬áthis Kindle Fire tablet for $60 off. Please note: to get the deals you have to be a member of Amazon Prime. We’re members here at Suggestaholic World Headquarters, and love it. The free shipping is a great benefit, and their Netflix-like streaming service is pretty good, too. We consider it money well-spent.

UPDATE: Apparently this little experiment didn’t go over very well. Check this out.